Success Involves Sacrifce

Success. We all want it. I believe every person dreams of success and being successful.

The problem is not everyone is successful and I believe few people ever accomplish their dream.

What’s the issue? Why aren’t people accomplishing their dreams? Why aren’t more people successful?

I look at my own life and where I’m at and I realize that I’m blessed beyond measure with everything God has given me. But I ask myself, is this all that God has for me?

I believe that God helps those who help themselves. What I mean is, God helps those that aren’t afraid to put in the extra hour of work, those who are willing to go above and beyond.

A key ingredient to being successful is sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something to put more time into your dream, into your desire.

“For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.” Ecclesiastes 5:3 KJV

Dreams are only accomplished by business or work.

You ask people who are successful and have accomplished their dreams how they did it and they will tell you they worked hard.

What areas do you have to sacrifice in to be able to be successful?

Sacrifice some of your free time to put extra work in your dream.

Sacrifice some of your sleep to put extra work in your dream.

Sacrifice some of your extra money to invest in your dream.

Sacrifice is a part of success.

Don’t get discouraged when you feel like you’re sacrificing without seeing success. Keep on working hard, keep on giving your all. Don’t give up!

Just remember you can be successful, but there has to be some sacrifice somewhere that brings you to that success!

Lord, Help Me to Have A Good Attitude

“Lord, help me to have a good attitude” should be a daily prayer by every Christian. Let the world see the joy in Christian living through you.

So as y’all know, my baby was born the other week and thanks to her, I was able to take a week and a half off from work.

A week and a half off of work felt like eternity, but it felt good. I never knew that chasing a two year old around all day was relaxing. I felt refreshed after being off that long but I definitely wasn’t ready to go back to work.

I swung by my job late Saturday night, just to see what I would be walking into on Monday morning. That was not a good decision! We are smack dab in the middle of busy season and you can tell by how full our warehouse is right now. I drove away from the warehouse on Saturday night and I had already started praying, “Lord, help me to have a good attitude on Monday.”

“Lord, help me have a good attitude!”

Attitudedetermines your outlook!

I prayed this little prayer over and over. If there is one thing I work hard on in my life is my attitude, I work at trying to keep my attitude positive and happy on a daily basis and honestly some days I just give up and get irritated and frustrated at the littlest things.

I got to thinking about Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” I got to thinking about that word alway. This word means at all times, on all occasions. The Lord is telling us to rejoice all the time, and not to just rejoice, but to rejoice in Him.

I had two choices walking into work on Monday morning, I could be happy or I could be irritated. I could find joy in my situation or I could find something to complain about.

I honestly tried to find joy throughout the day, I did slip up and get frustrated at one point and than I remembered my prayer!

I rejoiced in the Lord, that I had a job I could go to.

I rejoiced in the Lord that I have the health to be able to work a full-time job.

I rejoiced in the Lord that my job allowed me to take a week and a half off to be home with my newborn baby and my family.

I rejoiced in the Lord that my job has pretty decent benefits.

I rejoiced in the Lord that we are so busy with work that my job isn’t going out of business any time soon.

Yes it was Monday after being off eleven straight days, no I didn’t want to go to work. I could have groaned and complained all day but I tried to keep a good attitude. I found reasons to rejoice in the Lord.

I could go on and on about all the blessings the Lord has given to me that I could rejoice in, because that’s the easy thing to do. Your attitude isn’t determine by how well everything is going for you, it is determined by how much joy you can find in the hard times. The verse says “Rejoice in the Lord.” If we always find joy in the Lord, we will always be able to rejoice, even in the hard times where there really is no joy.

Hey, Christian?!

Where is your joy? Is it in the Lord? Or do you have no joy because you are focused on the hard time you are in.

“Lord, help me to have a good attitude. Help me to find joy in the hard times. Help me to ALWAYS rejoice in You.”

Pathway Through Proverbs: Chapter 31

Chapter 31: What Are You Teaching Your Children?

“The words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him.” Proverbs 31:1

The last chapter here in Proverbs is a good chapter. It covers a couple different areas in life. It covers the area of drinking and why you shouldn’t drink. It also covers a virtuous woman and the qualities that she has.

Although there are good verses in this chapter that we could discuss at length, I want to look at the first verse.

In this verse we see that King Lemuel is writing here. He is writing what his mother taught him. In the majority of Proverbs we see a father instructing his son on the ways of life, in the last chapter we see a son sharing what his mother taught him as a child and teenager. 

Parents, it is important that we teach our children. We need to teach them about God, about right and wrong. We need to teach them how to make good and wise choices in life. We need to instruct our children in not just the basics but also instruct them in why we believe the way we believe. 

I like that Lemuel had an opportunity to write a chapter in the Bible and he used it to write about the lessons his mother had taught him. Hey parent, if your child was given the same opportunity what lessons could they share with us? That is a sobering thought. I know I’m young in the parenting stage of life but I hope I can teach my children lasting lessons that they would be willing to share with others.

Whenever I am asked to speak about my parents or what lessons I have learned from them, I don’t have to think hard or try to come with something. The two greatest lessons my parents taught me are hard work and faithfulness. They didn’t just tell me about hard work and explain to me what faithfulness was, they lived and practiced it every day in their lives. 

This generation has a lot of children that are being raised by what they watch on tv, social media, their friends, the music they listen to; few children are getting the instruction that they need in their life from their parents. Don’t let someone else raise your child, parent! Step up and teach and instruct them, and let your actions back up your instruction!

So as we finish out the book of Proverbs, parent ask yourself, “What am I teaching my child?”

Teach your child something that one day they will be proud to pass along to someone else.