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Are You Glad?

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

Just a quick thought on this Sunday morning, but ask yourself this question…especially if you are going to church today. “Am I glad?”

Are you glad, are you happy today that you have the opportunity to go to church and worship the Lord today?

Are you dreading church? Are you just going to check it off the list to say that you went to church this week?

Be glad that you have the freedom and the ability and the opportunity to attend church! I gurantee that if you go to church happy, you will enjoy a whole lot more!

Can you say today, “I am glad to go to the house of the Lord.”

Why I Quit Going To Church…

Before you jump to conclusions, make sure you read this. It might just help you also!

You’re probably wondering why I quit going to church. I’ve been going to church for 32 years, why quit now?

I hate to break it to you, I haven’t stopped going to church, in fact I’m enjoying it more! I think church is an important part of the Christian life! Being a member of a church provides opportunities to serve others that I couldn’t do on my own. Going to church faithfully is an outward show of my inward belief. Being able to worship and serve at church brings happiness and joy to myself and my family!

So what am I talking about when I say “I quit going to church!”

I quit going to church with a critical spirit!

The definition of criticism and having a critical spirit that defines what I had is one that finds fault with or points out the faults of.

Everywhere you go, you can be critical. You can find faults of people and you can find things wrong. Church is definitely one of those places. You can be critical of people. You can be critical of what is said. You can be critical of what’s being done and how it’s done. You can be critical of anything and everything if you wanted to!

When I went to church with a critical spirit, I missed so much that God wanted me to get out of the services. I missed so many opportunities to serve people. Having a critical spirit and going to church is not profitable for a healthy Christian life.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still things that I may not agree with, but I’m not looking for them. If something came up doctrinally that I disagree with, then I would handle that accordingly. If something happens that’s illegal, I would handle that accordingly. But to get bent out of shape because someone states their preference or does something a certain way, just hinders my own spiritual life.

My duty as a church member is to be faithful to church. I’m to support the pastor as long as he stays biblically correct. I’m to be a witness for Christ. I am to help disciple others to grow in Christ. I should be willing to pray for fellow church members, whether they are faithful or not. I should be willing to serve others, encourage others and just be a help to the body of Christ.

I quit going to church with a critical spirit. I quit going to church with a negative attitude. I know what I’ve been called to do and I can start doing that now. I don’t have to be paid to be a good church member. I don’t have to have a position or be in the spotlight to be a good church member. I just have to be willing to serve.

I didn’t quit going to church physically. Mentally and emotionally, I’m now more involved in church! Don’t let your critical spirit keep you from being the best church member possible!