Make Your Decision

Many choices we make, have already been decided by past decisions. We need to get settled in our heart what we believe is right and wrong before we are faced with that choice. If we wait until that moment where we are faced with making a decision, we will end up making the wrong decision.

Make your decision before you have to make a decision!!

Check Out the New Pages

Earlier this week I updated the “About” page for my site that explains a little more about who we are and what we do. I also explained some about why I started “Counted Faithful.” Go check it out when you get a chance!

I also added a “Ways To Support” page. Anything raised from these endeavors will go towards fixing my teeth and also to keeping the site running. I have some plans for future content that I am working on! Please check that page out and also the link to my merchandise site where I will be adding new products on a regular basis!

Memorial Day

As I sit here today and I enjoy my day off, I am reflecting on why I have this opportunity.

I think about the American Revolution back in the 1700s and how that men and women wanted the chance to be free. They wanted the opportunity to have freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of religion. They were willing to give everything they had, including their lives for that freedom.

It is because of these men and women some 300 years ago that I can sit here today and enjoy my freedoms.

I think about all the battles that have been fought since that time and all the lives that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The men and women, the husbands and wives, the sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters….the ones who lost their live in domestic and foreign wars so that I can sit here today and be free.

To them, I say thank you. Thank you sir, thank you ma’am for allowing me to be in the land of the free because of the brave.

On this Memorial Day, enjoy your freedom but make sure to say thank you, in your heart and mind and actions, to those who gave it to you.