A Bible Reading Tip

If there is one thing that every Christian should be better at, it should be at reading their Bible!

Bible reading is an essential part of the Christian life! It is how God talks to us! We can pray all day and all night and tell God everything we need to tell them, but I believe we miss out on some answers due to our lack of Bible reading. God is probably sitting there in Heaven willing to show you His answer from His Book, and we probably miss the answer because we do not read His Word.

Now I am a firm believer in having and using a physical copy of the Word of God. Too much blood has been shed and too many lives have been lost for me not to use and cherish a written copy of the Word of God. But in this day and age, and the amount of technology that is out there, I think that having a Bible app on your phone is useful!

I was thinking of random places that we could read the Bible on our phone…

  • In the doctor’s office while we are waiting for our appointment.
  • In the restroom – I think we live in a day and age where people are on their phones all the time even in the restroom, might as well put that time to good use!
  • On your lunch break.
  • If you travel a lot, you can read on the plane or in the airport.

We take our phone everywhere we go, we might as well give ourselves the opportunity to read God’s Word when we have some extra time.

Another useful thing that comes from having a Bible app on your phone is that you can listen to the Bible. I listen to the Bible on my way to work, but you can listen to it anywhere you go.

We live in a day and age where we have absolutely no excuse not to read our Bible. We need to utilize our time to get closer to God through our Bible reading.

A Mini Book Review

This is a mini book review of a book I was encouraged to read this past week!

I read a book start to finish this week for the first time in a long time. I am not talking about the Bible because we, as Christians, should read it every day. I am talking about an actual book.

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It was refreshing to read. I forgot how much I truly love to read. Growing up, I was a book addict. I read and read and read. We didn’t have a tv growing up, so instead of watching tv all the time, we read.

I remember signing up for the library summer reading program and finishing it within the first week. The program was supposed to last all summer, but I finished in a week. I finished so fast that the library told me I had to wait until the end to get the final prize because they didn’t have them in yet. I loved to read! And I fell in love with reading again this week.

The book I read was The Go-Givers. It was a fantastic book, well-written and very thought provoking. To summarize the whole book in a few sentences would be this… “It is a story about a guy named Joe. Joe wanted to be successful but was having a hard time finding it. He worked hard and put in many hours but really got no where. He went to a man he heard had been successful and asked him to him the ways of success. This successful man taught Joe 5 laws. The interesting thing about these laws are that they were all centered around giving. When people hear giving they think of money. These laws teach that giving of yourself is the key to success. Being a servant, putting other people first, placing value in everything you do…these are the key ingredients. Joe learned these laws from different people who had learned themselves throughout their life. By the end of the book, you find Joe as a successful businessman doing something he loves…because he learned how to give.”

I finished the book, wrote these laws down and have been memorizing them. I had to be honest with myself, am I a giving person? I would like to think that I am but I know I can give more. I know that I need to change my outlook on business and how to be successful. It shouldn’t be just about the money but it should be about the people I come in contact with, about how I can give of myself to help those around me.

Go read The Go-Giver if you want to be challenged. It is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants and desires to be successful in any area of life.

Do you have a book recommendation?

What is your favorite book?

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