“She’s Gonna Be Ok”

Check out the newest podcast, Nick Anthony: “She’s Gonna Be Ok” to hear the story of Nick’s wife and what they have been through the past year.

You can listen to it on all the major podcast platforms:

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Day 1 – My Wife

The best thing about my life is that I have the most amazing, talented, beautiful, wonderful lady by side.
To say that I am thankful for you, @mhutt22 is an understatement. You’re an amazing wife and I’m so blessed to be with you.
I’m thankful that you’re my friend and my counterpart in life.
I’m thankful that you’re an amazing mother to our two little girls. I’m glad that they have someone to look up to who is a good, godly, Christian lady.
Miranda, thank you for picking me and sticking with me through all my stupid stuff. I love you so much!
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Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom!! 31 years and still going strong! Thank you for being willing to stick together in good times and bad times! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow up in a home that wasn’t torn apart by selfish desires. Thank you for showing me that no matter what happens, teamwork always works! Thank you for being a team in raising myself and David and Sue in a Christian home where we were taught to love the Lord! I look up to you both and love you both!!