“She’s Gonna Be Ok”

Check out the newest podcast, Nick Anthony: “She’s Gonna Be Ok” to hear the story of Nick’s wife and what they have been through the past year.

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An Interview With My Dad

On my Podcast, I’m starting a new series where I interview different people who have been faithful in serving Christ.

I decided that I had to kick this series off with the person I look up to when it comes to this attribute of being faithful, Doug Hutton.

My dad has been the picture of faithfulness over the years and he has been a great example when it comes to faithfulness and loving the Lord.

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National Best Friend Day

So as I scrolled through the different social media sites I am on, everyone was posting about their best friends.

So this is my post about my best friends…

  1. Jesus Christ – He is the friend that is closer than a brother. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is the best friend that I could ever have! And the best thing is that He wants to be your best friend too, He plays no favorites!
  2. My second best friend is my wife, Miranda. She gets me, most of the time! I’m glad I get to go through life with her by my side! On top of the mountains and in the valleys, I’m glad she is my traveling partner through life! I love you Miranda!
  3. And lastly, my friend Jeremiah. I’ve known him since we were babies in the church nursery. I am thankful that we have a friendship that has lasted over the years!