3 Ways To Be A Great Church Member

Last week I put out a blog called 3 Ways To Be A Horrible Church Member, I couldn’t go without writing a follow-up blog about how to be a great Church Member. The most thing to remember about being a great church member is that you constantly have to work at it. There is no finish line in being a great church member. You will never reach the point where you arrive in the Christian life, where there is nothing else to accomplish. Saying all this leads me into the first way of being a great church member…

You have to continually GROW. A great church member is always growing. They are growing in their walk with God and their service for Christ. What we fail to realize is that being a great church member or Christian for that matter, is all based on what we do away from church. We can only grow so much at church, but if you are growing everyday in your walk with God, you will be growing at church. Your preacher will notice the change, your friends and peers at church will notice the growth. A thought I had the other day, which may develop into a blog someday, is that many Christians and church members are like the Dead Sea. They are stagnant, there is no life to be found, they are dead, why? Because they stopped growing! When you stop growing in the Christian life, you become dead in the Christian life! You want to be a great church member, well it starts at home in your walk with God and how you live your life outside of church, you have to GROW!!

You have to constantly GIVE. This is the tough one, even for me. Christianity is all about giving. Yes, giving your tithes and offerings, but even things like time and talent have to be given. Back to the Dead Sea analogy, if we constantly receive without ever giving, we will end up dying out. Being a great church member, to me at least, is being involved in different ministries. We all have some talent that we can use for Christ in the church. We should give that talent back to Him by using it for His glory! The time that is needed to be a great church member isn’t no drop in the bucket, you have to give your time to be involved in the ministries and activities of the church. Your greatness as a church member comes from your willingness to give, from your wallet to your work, you have to be giving to be great.

You have conviction to live GODLY. Being a great church member starts and ends with what you do away from church. You will not be great at church if you can’t live godly away from church. We need Christians, we need church members who have some conviction, some desire, some want to, to live godly. Living godly is living a life that is based off what the Bible tells and commands us to do, not based on what we feel, what man says, or what the world tells us to do. Our godliness shouldn’t be compared to the next person at church or against how far from the world we are, it should be compared to how close we are to God and His Word and obeying His Word. You show me someone who lives a godly life away from church, I will show you someone who is continually growing in their walk with God and constantly giving of their treasure, time and talent to their church.

Let’s all strive to better church members by growing closer to God, living godly lives, and then give when we are at church.


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